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The Optimized Woman - Using your menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment

By Miranda Gray

The Optimized Woman

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What if you knew...

And what if you knew how to...


It would be pretty good, wouldn't it?!

The Optimized Woman is the start of a journey into understanding what it means to be a woman and provides a daily guide to discovering and enjoying the benefits of your cyclic self. Don't worry - this book is biology-free!

"Read this book and you'll never view yourself or your cycle in the same way again, and you'll feel great about being a Cyclic Woman!" Miranda Gray

Red Moon - Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle

By Miranda Gray

Red Moon

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For our ancestors the menstrual cycle was a source of wonderful creative, spiritual, sexual, emotional, mental and physical energies. It was a gift that empowered women to renew themselves each month, to manifest and create the world around them, to connect deeply with the land and their family, and to express deep wisdom and inspiration. This ancient female teaching is still available to us in our mythology and nursery tales.

Combining storytelling and traditional tales with practical tools and methods (including the 'Moon Dial'), Miranda Gray introduces modern women to their cyclic nature and guides them in expressing a passionate and creative cycle-empowered life.

Red Moon helps you to:

Contains revised and new content and illustrations.


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Miranda Gray is an advocate for the recognition of the cyclic nature of women. She is an artist, designer, writer, and alternative therapy teacher. She lives what she teaches.